Serving Lakeway, TX

Whether it’s a blown fuse or a short circuit, we acknowledge how annoying an electric fault can be. If you fail to find any electrical installation in Lakeway, Texas, this problem may become even more difficult. So, quit asking your search engine about ‘electrical installation near me’ and start calling us. Our experienced and professional electrical services will do everything in their capacity to solve your problem. Believe us; our electrician services will never disappoint you.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a good companion for anyone looking to get rid of their sweat. A quiet pedestal or a ceiling fan can be the difference between a restless and a night of sound sleep. Whether you’re looking for a ceiling fan installation, an exhaust fan installation, or in need of replacing your existing fan, hire our residential electricians now to mount your fan the right way. If you’ve encountered any kind of nuisance, contact us. Being one of the leading providers of home electrical installations, our top of the line residential electrical services will quickly fix your fan without you having to spend a fortune. Being able to manipulate household wiring, more precisely, household electrical wiring is an art. If you’re tired of searching, “home electrical installation services near me,” stop now, chill, and call us. We would assist you in any way you require. That’s a promise!

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Circuit Breaker Installation

At home, a circuit breaker is used to protect electrical appliances, equipment, and wiring. Therefore, they must be only installed by qualified electricians, ensuring that everything is up to code and your home and family are safe and sound. If you’re looking for help regarding your circuit breaker at Lakeway, our professional team greatly assist you. We also work with dedicated circuits, also assisting in outlets and switch installation, indicating that we’re here to provide you with any electric-related help. We’re just one call away!

Electrical Troubleshooting

We, at Remedy Electric, are adamant about solving all of your electrical problems. We have years of experience with electrical troubleshooting of electric wires, lights, electric plugs, electric switches, and electrical equipment connections in commercial buildings. Our trained and courteous commercial electricians can safely install and troubleshoot all of your electrical problems, ensuring that the commercial electrical services that you receive are top-notch.

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Aluminum Wiring

Among all of its advanced magnet wire products, Remedy Electric provides a broad array of round enameled wire with aluminum being the conductor. We take pride in our top-notch quality products that are priced competitively. So, if you’re looking for aluminum wiring in Lakeway, leverage this opportunity and reach out to us.

Surge Protection

Remedy Electric is all about protecting against the harmful effects of power transients. We are specialized in manufacturing and designing lightning and power surge protection at Lakeway. Hit us up if you have a desire for surge protection.

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Exterior Lighting

Add outdoor options to your list of evening undertakings this summer with exterior lighting in Lakeway for your yard and patio that stretches your nighttime living space. Stop plopping down in your armchair as the day approaches its end and enjoy the evening breeze by unwinding beneath the glowing strands of exterior lighting.